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If I could rate Presidential Suites resort negative stars I would. First off let me say that this was my honeymoon and it was a nightmare.

As in previous postings you get sold everywhere you go from the timeshare to VIP. VIP gives you access to all the restaurants and both pools for a mere $10,000. One of the front desk associates pulled my husband and I out of quality time in the sun to sell us a timeshare on our second day (first full day), after I nicely told him we were spending quality honeymoon time by the pool he insisted on all 3 of us going down by the pool. Weird right?

This was the same salesman that I heard a few hours previous talking about payday on Friday and he was clearing $4000.00 us dollars after taxes. So my first am I woke up to a cockroach spinning on its back on the living room floor. When I approached the front desk they acted like I brought the roach. The food was as terrible as the customer service.

The wait staff refused to serve us by the pool. Lunch starts at 11am but they will not start serving food until they feel like it some days it was 11:15am and others it was 12:30pm. My husband did not eat the buffet, the only option for breakfast. The best part of our trip was the friends we made down there and they ended up cutting their trip short due to food poisoning.

They were also on their honeymoon and had to pay $400 us dollar for a doctor to come out and after that it took him 4 hours to come. She had a 103.5 fever and her options were paying $2,000.00 us dollars to go to the Dominican Republic hospital or book an early emergency flight home. If you do not eat the resort food you have no other option and you cannot leave the grounds to visit a grocery store or gas station. Your suite will be fully stocked with microwave, stove and dishes but you will not have any food to cook with so it is for show.

As stated in some previous reviews we lost electricity as well, the entire resort lost electricity for a day. They play music at 8am so do not plan on sleeping in or waking up peacefully. The elevators were out of service so we had to use the stairs which had candles lit so you could see enough to walk but not the cockroaches on the wall. The ocean that is at Presidential Suites is not to ocean on the brochure.

It is the Atlantic Ocean you are not near the Caribbean water. There are piles of seaweed and the water is not clear. You cannot lay and relax on this beach there are people trying to sell you adventures and braid your hair. They will scream until you answer them and when you answer no thank you they continue with massage and a wink.

The only pool you are allowed in is attached to the children’s pool. I have pictures of the cockroaches in our room, the resort, the broken elevator signs and candles lit in stairwells among other things. Please feel free to email me for pictures or additional feedback.

I had some friends and family members visit the Sandals resort and Iberostar and they had wonderful things to say about their vacation, so maybe spend a little more and have a better experience. I also spoke with 3 different Cheap Caribbean representative and they were all very nice but could not really help me do much as by the time they returned my call my vacation had two days left.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of refused refund and abandoned at resort. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of presidential suites punta cana and associated monetary loss in the amount of $3000. Cheap Caribbean needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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You Honeymooned at Presidential Suites?!?!?! Your own fault.


Please look through the photos and notice the cockroach. Enough said.

to Anonymous #1241913

stay home!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1098425

There's a CERTAIN type who tends to gravitate toward these "vacations"; and their "reviews" are always good for a laugh... The majority couldn't afford it to begin with, so they all emerge and begin their desperate year long circus performance to try for refunds... None of them read the contracts before signing them, then throw a tantrum when they're held to them.

And seriously, your honeymoon isn't that important, seeing you're already divorced and arguing over child support...

to HarHar Chicago, Illinois, United States #1100054

I am not sure how much my honeymoon costed as it was a gift from our parents. Thanks for your kinds words. I hope you have a great life as well.

New York, New York, United States #1019913

You paid 3000 for a honeymoon?

to Anonymous #1019920

No we paid close to 6000$ usd

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