I saw a deal on CheapCaribbean.com for Ocean Coral & Turquesa at Riviera Maya on 2/25/13 that says Hurry! 2 days left to book. I booked it on 2/26 and 2 days later, their website says "Hurry! 3 days left to book". After those 3 days, it says again "Hurry! 3 days left to book". It is like an infinite loop! So if you see this, don't rush to book like I did in which ended up paying $1,200 more with lousy flights!

I booked for a group of 10 for late June. I cannot book all 10 people at once on their website because the limit is 7 people. So I called them to book for a group of 10. If you think they got me 10 tickets for the same flight, you are wrong! I ended up with different flights for two groups of 5 and paying more than their crossed out rate (was $1059).

Now I see non stop flight options (was not available when I booked) at cheaper rate! I cannot change my reservation because it will cost $50 per person PLUS the difference in flight. So that means $500+

I feel cheated because I ended up paying more than their advertised cost. I'm traveling with 3 young children and was planning to travel with the other 5 family members so they can help with the kids. But now the other 5 family members are stuck with a even lousier flight than ours because they have to wait at the Mexico City airport for 5.5 hours for their connection to Cancun. Plus their flight cost more! $200+ more! that's $1000+ for 5 tickets!

If you want to book for a large group like I did, you're better off breaking the group up and book on their website than calling their agents to book on you. They cannot book all the tickets at once and by the time they're done with 1 group of tickets, the flight may be sold out for the other group. This really sucks. They should have told me that they can't book all 10 tickets at once.

I feel so angry that we're on different flights, they put me on hold so much, I'm paying $1000+ extra. CheapCaribbean isn't cheap at all! Don't fall for their false advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Harrison, Arkansas, United States #759339

Also, if you book a flight and then the airfare goes down, the airlines will match that price. They charge you $50.00 to do so, but I have had it drop $300.00 so $50.00 is a fair price to save $250.00.

Harrison, Arkansas, United States #759336

The best thing to do is find the place you want to stay and book dierctly thru the resort. You may pay a little bit more but not much.

And please know that you do get what you pay for. If it is to good to be true it usually is. I had almost booked a vacation thru these people and then horror stories from people I know personally that did and read the reviews. No way Jose!!!!!

I will either use a legimit travel agency or just make the reservations myself thru the resort and the airline directly.

Leonardtown, Maryland, United States #681735

You have no one to blame by yourself! This is how travel agencies work and make their money.

They go up and down, you have to do your research. if i book today and tomorrow it goes down i cant call and demand they give me the new price, who does that!

Houston, Texas, United States #674004

You do not understand rules of airfare. Once you purchase airfare, you own it and no one can change it. Get educated before you book your next trip.

Balaton, Minnesota, United States #625588

Next time, research your vacation before you rush and book yourself out of some good flights. You have nobody to blame but yourself.


There may not have been 5 seats together at the time and 10 seats would be pretty hard. and reservations change all of the time. If someone had a better rate, they also have a price match on their website.


Better off with expedia, they have better price for the same resort. I agree cheapcaribbean.com is a big giant rip off!

Their agents are not there to help. I called them for help and only received rudeness in return. I will never usecheapcaribbean.com again or recommend it to anyone!

They are a scam! :( :(

to Anonymous #658978

Can you please elaborate as to why you feel they are a scam?

New York City, New York, United States #618409

correction - it is $175 per person plus the difference of the ticket to change my flight. That's $1,175 for 10 ppl to change our flights, and it's 3 months away!

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