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My family and I made reservations and then went on a vacation at the Grand Cozumel Resort in Cozumel, MX which was booked through Cheap Caribbean. The resort was ok, the service from the staff was great. The food sucked, with the exception of the dinner service. My biggest complaint about the entire experience was the fact that the entire trip is set up so that the guests listen to a very heavy handed sales pitch for a Spanish owned time... Read more

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Had my phone stolen from my room while it was on the charger. Security verified we left room into the lobby at 7:47. Someone employed there checked into our room at 8:01. Cameras show us returning from dinner at 8:46. It was evident it was an employee bc our cards didn't have a room # but was told nothing can be done.

Add comment cancelled our trip 7 hours before departure and refused to issue a refund, saying that it wasn't their fault. It has given us credit voucher that expires in one year and has $200 per person exchange fees. We cannot get our money back even though we did nothing at all aside from purchasing a service CheapCarribean couldn't deliver. The company is a scam prying on unsuspecting consumers. It not only ruined our vacation but has... Read more

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Review about Cheap Caribbean Vacation Package from New York, New York
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CheapCaribbean has false advertising!! And don't try to contact a customer service representative they won't answer or are even concern!! They have hotels as 3 1/2 stars and fake pictures and services!! I booked a 7 day vacation to Belevue Dominican Bay in Boca chica I Santo Domingo! I been there about 5 times ! So I booked a 7 day vacation with my husband ! The hotel was rated a 3 1/2 star!! It's not even a 1 1/2 STAR!!! Rooms were out dated... Read more

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Booked a trip via their website. During this time I was not able to reserve seats for the flight. Silly me, as I was going through t e booking process, I assumed this would be possible at a later point in time. That time never came, as I was booking on line. So the following morning I attempted to log on to the airline website to revised - only to be told the reservation does not exist. After calling Cheap Caribbean I was told I was given a... Read more

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I erecently had the worst experience of my life at Grand Oassis Cancun- flooded room, no air conditioning, threatening concierge, theft over 100 USD of personal property. I filed an incident report with the Cancun police and advised both hotel and CheapCarribean of possible compensation for the loss of our vacation but was told they would not help. I have photos and documentation to support the case against the hotel and CheapCarribean. I am... Read more

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Awful!!! Customer service is poor. ut tales forver to get through to wgo you need to talk to in order to resolve your problem and then they dont even answer or hang up on you! Do NOT give your credit card to a Cheap Carribean representative at the resort! We booked an excursion through our rep and 3 days later WE HAVE $5000 in fraudalant activity. They sold our credit card number#!# i know it was them becuadr it was the first time we used the... Read more

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The website lets you pick from dozens of flights. After you believe you have been booked for months, the CheapCaribbean people call you to tell you the flights are not available and propose other flights. At this point, it is very difficult and expensive for you to find substitutes. One of our party was unable to fly out of his chosen airport at all. Another couple had to fly and return to two different airports. A couple others demanded... Read more

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Cheap Caribbean - Nightmare Honeymoon Presidential Suites Punta Cana
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If I could rate Presidential Suites resort negative stars I would. First off let me say that this was my honeymoon and it was a nightmare. As in previous postings you get sold everywhere you go from the timeshare to VIP. VIP gives you access to all the restaurants and both pools for a mere $10,000. One of the front desk associates pulled my husband and I out of quality time in the sun to sell us a timeshare on our second day (first full day),... Read more

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Once takes your money they wash their hands of any and all issues concerning the airlines. When I booked I chose the flight I wanted, the seats I wanted, which connector city to go through. I've had it all changed multiple times and just sits on their hands and offers no support or help. The airline changed planes, flight times, seating choices, and connector cities multiple times. I had even payed extra to sit toward... Read more

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